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Business Opportunity

With the manufacturing opportunities developed in India by Indian Government through Make In India Program, many MNC companies started their plants and products®n in India. This gave Indian businesses a very good niche in the international business market.

Several companies have developed their manufacturing facilities in India. Along with technology transfer in various units, many companies have transferred entire line from their counterparts in various nations of the world. In such a place it is quite obvious that people will adopt pre-existing international standards, methods and techniques in manufacturing. In the same line there lies a requirement of certain adhesives, sealants, chemicals, quality paints, gauges and hardware & tools component to manufacture goods. In most of the cases there is a requirement of international brands that are not available in Indian market. Though with some efforts their substitute or alternative can be found but the available products doesn’t meet all the requirements.

That’s where we come in.

NIS Marketing is offering you various items that you need to import from around the globe to keep your business soaring. We are also offering following added benefits to your businesses:

1. Import of various items from around the globe for your use,

2. Reducing lead time for purchase of items

3. Stocked items will be delivered to your site within 3-4 working days from our nearest warehouse

4. No need to stock big volumes; just order what you need at hand

5. Avoiding Risk of depreciation to inventory items

6. Easy availability of imported items required in small quantities

7. No need to plan and initiate ordering process months before actual requirement