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CICO is one of the oldest construction chemicals companies in India. Being deeply rooted in our strong values, we seek inspiration from our heritage. We have contributed to the evolution and advancement of the industry through our projects and our products. CICO believes that buildings and structures are of immense importance in nation building, and thus we strive to set new standards in modern architecture.

CICO Technologies Limited (CTL) is one of the largest and most trusted construction chemical companies in India, known for the pioneering brand CICO. The company manufactures a vast range of construction chemicals and protective coating solutions including water-proofers, concrete admixtures, grout and grouting compound, industrial flooring, epoxy based products and repair compounds, adhesives and sealants. The CICO brand has supported India’s infrastructure growth for over 85 years since pre-independence. CTL’s flagship product Tap secrete ranks as the most preferred brand in the field of waterproofing in India.

CICO group products are manufactured in four plants located across Gurgaon, Haridwar, Kolkata, Chennai. CTL also has presence in other South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, and is actively looking to expand its footprint into countries in the ASEAN region and in Africa.

The overarching philosophy at CTL is to help develop structures that stand the test of time. CTL excels in providing high quality construction chemicals and solutions, leveraging the best-in-industry experience, expertise and technical acumen.

By advancing the frontiers of knowledge we produce and market ground-breaking, intelligent and reliable construction chemicals that make construction projects not only safer, but also stronger, durable and environmentally viable. Our array of products cater to a variety of projects across a broad range of sectors including commercial, industrial, residential, together with airports, ports and other major infrastructure projects.

In essence, we at CICO contribute in laying a strong foundation of an everlasting edifice, and then work hard in various ways to further its longevity and value. Whether it a new construction project or refurbishment of an existing structure, CICO products provide timely solutions for future-proofing not only India’s signature and heritage projects but also enhance the lifetime value of buildings that house the dreams and aspirations of commercial entities and individuals alike.