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Resinova started as a company manufacturing specialty chemicals, over the years we have evolved as leading manufacturers of adhesives & sealants, construction chemicals, & industrial maintenance products, with significant effort on branding and increasing market share in all segments in which the company operates.

As part of strategy to strengthen our business, we have achieved considerable backword integration and developed manufacturing & formulation expertise in the field of epoxy resins & hardeners , acrylics, UV Cure, Cyanoacrylates, Silicones, Anaerobic etc, our manufacturing units are at two locations near Kanpur(India) where we have excellent infrastructure for production , R&D and quality control.

The spirit of innovation at Resinova extends to all activities such as packing, branding, product & market development, in a very short period we have created a supply chain network of 800 channel partners, serviced by our 11 offices covering every region of the country, our products are available at more than 4,00,000 retail outlets, to fulfill customer needs we market our products in about 50 brandsand 400 S.K.U’s , this complex effort made possible through a very large number of dedicated & trained marketing staff operating from every geography in the country.

We have set new standards for the adhesive industry in India, we hope the enthusiasm and energy of our associates will allow us to lead and retain our position in every segment we cover.